Spring Drinking

Our Spring Drinking Picks

Spring has sprung and we’re in the mood for fresh, lively drinks. Whether you’re a vodka fan, or keen to give cider a go, we have the ultimate spring drink line-up.

Hurrah! The coldest of the cold snaps are behind us, which means lighter, brighter drinks are on the menu. In our eyes, spring drinking is all about fruity flavours and refreshing cocktails.

Here are a couple of our favourites to try:

42 Below Vodka

This Kiwi born and bred vodka brand has captured spring flavours in a bottle. All these vodkas are made using the purest ingredients by infusing their famous premium vodka with extracted essence of the fruit.

Passionfruit gives a sweet, tangy element, while Kiwi was a little trickier to master – taking three years to get it right. Honey is a tribute to New Zealand’s native Manuka honey. The essence if made by vapourising raw manuka honey through direct heat, driving off the steam, and condensing it down to a rich essence. This is great by itself or in a cocktail.

Feijoa gives the vodka a slightly citrus, fresh taste to the vodka. Mix up any one of their vodkas in in a thirst quenching spritzer with soda water and a handful of ice. 

Macs Craft Cider 

If you’re yet to step into the world of ciders, these flavourful Macs ciders are a good place to start. They have some intriguing combos including Cranberry & GingerChilli & LimeBlood Orange & Cardamom, and the classic Cloudy Apple.

Sitting between 4.2 and 4.7 per cent ABV, these ciders are perfect for lazy afternoons or for when you’re in need of something slightly sweet. 

Our Picks