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Affordable, delicious and easy? Yes please! We've put together a few ideas for how you can pair delectable seasonal fruits with your favourite tipples

Buying seasonal produce is a hot trend right now and its popularity makes complete sense – it's actually very practical. Much like when wearing sneakers with dresses came into fashion. 

Buying seasonally is not only cheaper and more convenient, but it means fruits and vegetables are at their most delicious. We take a look at how you can combine autumnal fruits with some of your favourite tipples to make tasty seasonal magic.  


There are very few fruits that bring as much lip-smacking-tanginess to the table as the humble feijoa.

Get saucy

Scoop out the flesh of 6 to 8 feijoas, whiz in a blender with a splash of vodka and a tablespoon of sugar and you have a feijoa sauce which will give your cocktails and your desserts an unforgettable edge. Add a dash of feijoa sauciness to your favourite concoction in a stemmed glass or pour over vanilla ice cream for a dreamy dessert. For an extra tangy kick, use 42 Below Feijoa Vodka 700ml.


Pears are a wonderfully cheap, versatile fruit that are in abundance in autumn.

Flash fry

Thinly slice pear, sprinkle with cinnamon and fry in butter until soft. Add a splash of rum to the pan once you’ve removed it from the heat and you’ll have a delicious topping for pancakes and waffles or your favourite ice cream.


Tart, dark plums and gin are a beautiful pair.

Soak it up

Fill an old sterilised jar with halved, stoned plums, sprinkle with sugar and then pour 1 cup of gin on top. Seal the jar, shake it and let the magic begin. After a few days you will have decadent boozy dessert plums – perfect with chocolate cake, greek yoghurt or an old-fashioned pavlova. Any leftover liquid in the jar will make a lovely syrup to have with soda!

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