A Lasting Impression: Maker's Mark

The distinctive red seal on your Maker's Mark is a sign of excellence and taste

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Spying a red wax-sealed bottle with dripping tendrils on the liquor shelves, you know immediately what you're looking at: the indelible vision of Maker's Mark bourbon. We can thank Margie Samuels for both that evocative image and its name - the wife of sixth-generation distiller Bill Sr., Margie was an ingenious marketer before her time. Margie may be the reason most folks buy their first bottle of Maker's Mark, but Bill Sr. is the reason they keep coming back. Bill introduced soft red winter wheat to his recipe, rather than the usual rye for a bourbon all his own. What you'll encounter in the glass are aromas of woody oak, delicious flavours of caramel and vanilla, finishing smooth and subtle. Delicious on its own or the perfect complement to a classic cocktail, Maker's Mark is true to its name, leaving a lasting impression with every sip.

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