Introducing Berg: A Refreshingly Deep Drink

There's a new drink in town - and it's one you're going to enjoy.

Today's modern drinkers are looking for something different; something that's a little more meaningful and creates a taste 'experience', not just a drink.

Berg is a new seltzer made from a sugar ferment distilled into alcohol that contains fewer than 100 calories and has less than three grams of sugar and carbs per can. Now that's something we can all get into.

Wellbeing is a concept we are all getting into; we're starting to care much more about what we eata and drink, and not what has always been perceived as 'standard'. Berg is a seltzer made with water, alcohol and a hint of fruit flavour, creating a clean, refreshing taste. Sugar is fermented into alcohol, making it so refreshingly simple, you'll be stocking up in no time.

Berg comes in three flavours: Watermelon, Blackberry, and Lemon & Yuzu. The new flavours in this exciting 'better for you' seltzer range are designed to appeal to the modern drinker; to those who like to try something new. Something refreshingly deep. 

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