New drinks

Tui creates Hard Sodas range

Following the success of Tui Bourbon and Cola, and Tui Vodka Lime and Soda comes a hard soda RTD range featuring local fruit extracts, and lower sugar.

Inspired by the global drinks trend of ‘hardor ‘spiked’ sparkling water beverages, Tui Hard Sodas have a refreshingly light taste profile with a dry, sharp soda finish. Made using a blend of vodka, sparkling water, local fruit extracts from around the country, and flavours, the range packs a delicious punch especially thanks to Waikato Raspberry, Otago Peach and Gisborne Orange extracts.

Sean O’Donnell, DB Breweries Marketing Director, explains: “Tui has been celebrating local since Henry Wagstaff discovered how good the water tasted in the Mangatainoka River back in 1889, and so paying homage to some of the beautiful regions we have in this country is very true to the Tui spirit.”

The Tui Hard Soda range looks to satisfy the growing trend towards lower sugar RTD products, through a no-nonsense Kiwi mainstream brand. We know Kiwis’ tastes are changing, with the white spirits RTDs category value growing by 35.3% in the last year, and now making up 45% of Total RTDs value sales in New Zealand1. We see this being driven predominantly by lower sugar styles,says O’Donnell.

The new RTDs are developed using only natural ingredients and flavours, with sweetness added from apple juice concentrate. All products in the range contain only 2.2 to 2.3 grams of sugar per 100ml.

Tui Hard Sodas are available in three variants:

Waikato Raspberry, Lime and Soda, a vibrant burst of raspberry upfront, paired with a zesty lime which brings crispness and balances the fresh berry hit, leaving a final delicate finish.

Otago Peach, Apple and SodaSweet peach paired with a grounding crisp apple base, bringing a satisfyingly light yet rich taste profile.

Gisborne Orange, Mango and Soda: A robust classic combination of a sweet tart orange paired with juicy ripe mango to deliver a crisp finish.