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Our favourite: Monteith's winter warmers

As the cold weather sets in, our friends at Monteith's Brewing Co look to new beer styles for the chilly months

 Full-malt, smooth dark beers are the perfect brew to sip while you're snuggled up by the fire this winter. Monteith’s Brewing Co have three winter warmers which will tickle the taste buds this chilly season:

The Monteith’s Brewer’s Series Velvet Stout is a voluptuous, full-bodied and warming beer with a generous touch of cocoa to balance this smooth classic. A generous mix of oats and chocolate roasted malts give the brew a smooth, silky flavour with soft, rich bitterness.

Monteith's Doppelbock uses six unique malts which combine to create a voluptuous, rich and warming beer that pours with a characteristic red hue typical of a winter's fire. As in the typical Bock-styled beers, our brew perfectly balances its full malty characters and has a distinctive powerful aroma and chocolatey, malt note on the palate.

A classic in the Monteith’s range is the Monteith’s Black, crafted from a blend of five premium malts to create a complex depth of flavours with dominant coffee notes. Crisper than sweet darks and smoother than harsh stouts. Perfect for the moment when you step in from the cold.

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