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New Drinks For Summer

Labour weekend is finally here and the social season has begun. Start celebrating with these great new drinks for summer

Labour weekend is here, so it’s finally time to officially throw open the doors and start socialising. Here are some of our favourite new drink launches to welcome in the summer…

beer, New Zealand beer, pilsner, Mac's, Miss Conduct

Mac’s Miss Conduct Dry Hopped Pilsner

Mac’s has been busy with lots of new launches recently, and their first of the new season is this beautifully crisp pilsner with a great hop and sweet malt balance. Zesty citrus notes, subtle bitterness and a crisp finish will make this your new summer favourite. RRP$16.99, 6 pack 330ml at Liquorland

beer, New Zealand beer, sour beer, Mac's, Sour Puss, blueberry, blueberry beer

Mac’s Sour Puss Blueberry Sour Ale

We’re becoming big fans of sour beers here at Liquorland Toast, particularly amongst the female members of the team. And while we don’t believe in gender stereotyping, the pink hue of this beer (thanks to the blueberries) definitely got our attention. We love it for its berry tang flavours and aromas, biscuity undercurrent and clean, crisp finish. RRP$16.99, 4 pack 330ml at Liquorland

mead, New Zealand honey, manuka honey, New Zealand mead, Mac's, honey, Love Buzz

Mac’s Love Buzz Honey Mead

This drink launched last year as a limited release and boy are we glad it’s back for good. Made by fermenting a blend of kamahi, clover and manuka honeys this sparkling, golden-coloured mead has complex floral aromas and flavours. The team at Mac’s have added some manuka honey and clover for extra depth and sweetness, but overall this is a surprisingly refreshing drink with a classic dry finish. Oh, and it’s also gluten-free – no wonder there's a buzz! RRP$16.99, 4 pack 330ml, at selected Liquorland stores

prosecco, Graham Norton, GN Prosecco, Invivo Wines

GN Prosecco

As if Graham Norton’s personality wasn’t sparkling enough, he’s just launched GN Prosecco, the first-ever fizz under his own wine label which is produced with Kiwi producers Invivo Wines. A genuine Italian prosecco made with 100% Glera grapes, we love GN Prosecco’s nice fine bubbles, light and refreshing taste, sweet floral notes and crisp, dry finish. Great for parties, picnics and pretending you’re in the Italian countryside. RRP$19.99, 750ml, at selected Liquorland stores

beer, New Zealand beer, Steinlager, Steinlager Tokyo Dry, slimline can

Steinlager Tokyo Dry Slimline Cans

This thirst-quenching dry pale lager is a perfect hot day sipper. Made with Japanese brewing techniques and New Zealand raw ingredients it has a perfect crisp finish. While the beer inside may not be new, this awesome blend of Kiwi and Japanese beer smarts is now available in slimline cans, perfect for summer socializing. RRP$25.99, 12 pack 300ml at Liquorland