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A fix of fizz

Long hot days, sunny skies and a carefree attitude epitomise summer. Relax and tickle your tastebuds with a glass or two of something effervescent

1. Well crafted

Matakana-based Zeffer have been making small-batch cider since 2009. Their philosophy is to make cider the old-fashioned way, using natural ingredients and without the use of artificial colours or sweeteners so the true flavour of the apples can shine through. Their Crisp Apple Cider is Zeffer’s original cider – made from a selection of New Zealand-grown green apple varieties that are full of fresh flavours – a classic cider with a dry finish to enjoy on a hot day. RRP $15.99 330ml 4 pack

2. Perfectly peared

A light, refreshing French-style cider, Monteith’s Crushed Cider is made from whole sun-ripened Nelson pears, gently crushed to retain their natural flavour. Serve with a strong blue cheese, such as Kapiti’s Kikorangi, along with walnuts and honeycomb, or pair with a wedge of strong cheddar and old-fashioned oat crackers. RRP $11.99 330ml 4 pack

3. Celebratory sip

A sophisticated icon in the drinks world, Moët & Chandon Brut Impérial never, ever disappoints. Created from more than 100 carefully selected wines, this champagne tastes just as beautiful as it looks and is the perfect celebration tipple. Serve with fresh seafood, summer fruits and a celebratory smile. RRP $69.99 750ml

4. A brew with bite

Refreshment with a twist. The new DB Export Citrus Lime and Ginger is different from any other flavoured beer on the market. Energising properties of lime juice, together with ginger’s zesty influence, make for a harmonious pairing to both revive your energy levels and your taste buds. DB Export Citrus Lime and Ginger is ideal for those early evenings when socialising with friends and is perfectly matched with a Thai coconut curry or a grilled salmon dish. RRP $22.99 330ml 12 pack

5. Just the tonic

In 2005, two British gents, Charles Rolls and Tim Warrillow, spent 16 months researching historical supplies of quinine and scouring the earth for the purest form of this key ingredient, before deciding on the recipe for their premium Indian Tonic Water, Fever-Tree. The name comes from the "fever trees" of the Eastern Congo, where the high-quality quinine is sourced. Their award-winning tonic has a uniquely clean and refreshing taste, with a hint of citrus. Its high carbonation creates a texture of delicate bubbles, designed to enhance the flavours of good gins and vodkas. Top us up. RRP $9.99 200ml 4 pack

6. Double trouble

Epic owner and brewer, Luke Nichols, has gained a reputation for releasing a steady stream of ever-increasing hoppy beers, from Mayhem to Armageddon and culminating in Hop Zombie, an Imperial IPA. With pink guava, mango and passionfruit characteristics, this super-hoppy beer packs a flavoursome mouth-watering punch. RRP $11.99 500ml

A bit of a crush

Forget glugging back the suspiciously clear liquids that call themselves lemonade, this stuff is the real deal. Made with fresh lemon, Mac’s Lemon Crush is just how lemonade should be – cloudy, zesty and oh-so refreshing. Available in 330ml 4 packs, this is the perfect mixer or non-alcoholic option for you to sip this summer. RRP $6.49 330ml 4 pack

Change it up

A product of Quickchange’s lighter malt base, Panhead’s Quickchange XPA is delicate yet bursting with flavour. Notes of luscious lychee, pineapple and mango are layered through this special brew, making it extra tantalising for the tastebuds. RRP $7.99 500ml

Better with bubbles

Located right at the heart of Sicily, Da Luca are committed to producing seriously beautiful wine. Bright, clean and delicately fruity, their prosecco was made for sipping in the sunshine. Fine bubbles and notes of zingy citrus make this a refreshing aperitif or long-lunch companion. RRP $15.99 750ml

Berry bliss

With so many flavoured ciders on the market these days, it can be hard to know where to start. Somersby Blackberry Cider is a good place. Fruity, sweet and crisp, this one is best served over ice on a hot summer’s day. RRP $26.99 330ml 12 pack

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