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Blonde Ambition

Guilt-free beer that actually tastes good? Yes, it exists

If you have better things to do this summer than worry about your waistline, Pure Blonde is the beer for you. 

A refreshing, full-flavoured 4.2% lager, Pure Blonde contains no preservatives and is an easy-drinking, ultra low-carb beer. Its longer brew time allows more sugars to be broken down and the end result is a brew with 80 per cent less carbohydrates than regular beer. To balance the light style of the beer, Hersbrucker hops add lovely floral and herbal aromas.

Tasting Notes:

With a bright golden glow and subdued foam, Pure Blonde has an aromatic green, herbal hop nose and moderate floral and fruity notes. The light malt character delivers a smooth, easy-drinking, crisp and aromatic beer.

Food Match:

The fragrant Herbrucker hops complement seafood, while the light, refreshing style of Pure Blonde contrasts and balances the heat of spicy foods. Try Pure Blonde with smoked salmon, Thai fish cakes, marinated prawns and wood-fired pizzas.

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